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FIT IS ANCHORED IN THIS TRUTH.  Christ will leave the ninety-nine to rescue you.  Matthew 18:11-12

FIT is a charitable organization who welcomes all without prejudice or discrimination for those who are ready to walk their path towards healing and transformation.

You Were Made For More Than This...


find.IGNITE.TRANSFORM (FIT) empowers women who feel broken, defeated, and powerless to heal and strengthen their bodies, transform their minds, and ignite their spirits to live a life of wholeness. 

find.IGNITE.TRANSFORM is a mental health program encompassing spiritual and physical wellness.   FIT is a professionally integrated approach of mental health counseling,  spiritual life coaching and physical wellness that empowers our women to strengthen and heal physically. emotionally and spiritually in community.

find.IGNITE.TRANSFORM Is a groundbreaking multifaceted approach to healing and strengthening women who’s lives have been broken by life circumstances and who do not have the financial means for services to heal these broken pieces.

Our purpose is to help women in Central Indiana rewrite their broken story to one of transformation and wholeness.  Every woman’s story is unique and yours is important to us. Find-Ignite-Transform, Inc is a 501(c)3 charity here to walk beside you on a path to healing.   We’ve worked with women who have been abused, who need to reconnect to an inner strength and a physical strength. With post-bariatric patients who have not fully reached their goal or who find themselves back sliding into defeat. With women in recovery who have reached active sobriety and have benefited from a fitness program to add to their recovery process, to help maintain long term sobriety and health.  These our some of the lives  that FIT has seen transformed.  

​​​​If you are searching for hope, healing, and strength in your life, take the first step on your journey and contact us by filling out the form on our contact us page.   
Our passion is to empower each woman to strengthen their walk with God to feel His strength, His love and His plan for their life. So that they can live their life whole and free.
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Becoming a partner with FIT means joining a movement greater than yourself. Whether you’re embarking on your own charitable path to wholeness or want to come alongside women who are, your involvement with FIT supports a passion to see women experience healing and live lives marked by physical, mental, and spiritual strength. We are meant to live whole and free, and FIT  provides a path for this journey.

A Charitable Path to Wholeness

FIT believes in the importance of mental health care and the inter-relationship between mental and physical wellness, as well as, the restorative role that spiritual connection plays. We believe in the power of community to lift up and propel women forward in their healing journey.

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Meet Our Founder

I have an overwhelming belief that through people being real. Lives can change. So I am here today to be real and share my story. My mom was 16 when she had me. She was broken and I was adopted. I was raised in a wonderful and broken family. My...

Our First Path Finder

Where do you go for hope when there is none? What do you do when you feel empty in body, mind, and spirit? These are questions I didn't even know I had until I started on my FIT journey. I thought it was just about losing weight. Seriously?...

Fitness and Health by Jacquie

Challenge your body is more than just a gym. It is a place where people gather together not just to exercise the body, but also to inspire and to be inspired. It's a community, a family, sanctuary, a gathering place for everyone to share hope and health. Challenge...

Our Partners

FIT is proud to partner with local organizations in order to create the best, most comprehensive plan for healing. Challenge Your Body, a fitness gym community located in Noblesville, Indiana, supports with physical training and wellness; Sandra J Conner Counseling, LLC provides mental health counseling; and Purposeful Living Inc. offers spiritual life coaching.