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A FIT body is not about your waistline, toned arms or the number on the scale. If that is your only focus, it will never be enough. A FIT body is strong, it is mobile and it is enough for you to be free when you look in the mirror. A FIT body is about the loss of body shaming, the loss of self sabotage and the loss of what stands in the way of being healthy and whole. When strengthening the body, mind and spirit consistently a true physical and mental transformation will occur.
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Our Fitness Community

Our FIT clients will find a home at Challenge Your Body(CYB). It is gym that is equipped as you might expect, offering boot camps, boxing classes, personal training sessions and even a fully decked out spin room.  But what truly sets it apart is CYB is a place where acceptance is felt at the door. Where a community of caring trainers will meet you right where you are and working together help you reach your fitness and wellness goals.  Your individual program is developed from an unwavering commitment to strengthen and heal your body to be more able to fully participate in your intended life.

Our Fitness Program

FIT clients will work with a fitness and wellness instructor provided by Challenge Your Body, Inc. They will participate in both one and one personal training sessions and group classes as determined by instructor. The goal of fitness training is to strengthen the components of physical fitness, including cardiorespiratory, strength, flexibility and balance. The physical benefits of better health are well documented. Other documented benefits include reduced depression, decreased stress levels, increased energy, and a decreased relapse rate in people recovering from addiction.

FIT Body

Fear, embarrassment, body shame, and the feeling of “I’m not good enough” and “I can never reach my goals” are common barriers to taking the first step toward wellness and beginning a fitness program.  Faith Inspired Transformation and Challenge Your Body want to help you break through these barriers.  We know that there is a an internal battle between the mind and the body, between doing what is healthy versus living in the patterns of defeat that are comforting but self-sabotaging.

Exercise is important because it can help regulate and establish physical and emotional well being. The benefits of following a structured fitness program are many; improved cardiovascular health, better strength and balance, improved sense of well being, maintaining healthy body weight and better self-esteem. Don’t let the overwhelming feeling of depression or how far down on the fitness scale you have fallen, prevent you from taking that first step. Reach out to us to begin your journey to strength and healing.

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