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Mental health impacts emotional, psychological, and and social well-being. When we are suffering from mental health issues, it affects our entire life, including how we cope with stress, connect with others, and perform at work. FIT provides a community of resources to improve mental health and ultimately help women heal from their pain and more fully participate in their lives.
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Healing the Mind

Faith Inspired Transformation provides counseling services through Sandra J Conner Counseling, LLC. Working with our counselors, clients develop coping skills in their daily lives through examining and reconciling past issues or trauma. By integrating and healing the past, our clients move toward stronger mental health and improving their personal and social relationships.

About Our Mental Health Counseling

Sandra J Conner Counseling, LLC has years of experience dealing with a wide range of mental health issues, including depression, stage-of-life transitions, trauma, anxiety, addiction, and more. Each mental health session is approached with compassion, knowledge and insight to heal the broken pieces.

FIT Mind

FIT recognizes women in our community are fearful and struggling to see hope and a purpose and they are spiraling into isolation, addiction, and depression. The effect of this is women who are broken and disconnected and unable to fully participate in their own lives, their families lives and in their community. Studies have shown depression and suicide rates in Indiana are among the highest in this country. We live in a community where women are depressed, addicted and where they are both the victim and the perpetrator of abuse.  FIT is currently helping rewrite the stories of these broken women. We have impacted women who have been abused, reconnecting them to an inner strength and a physical strength. Providing tools and resources in overcoming the unimaginable grief of losing a child to suicide. Assisting women in recovery who have reached active sobriety and are benefitting from a wellness program to add to their recovery process, helping them maintain long term sobriety and health.  Your story maybe different but FIT is here to walk with you on your healing journey if you are ready for a new beginning.


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