FIT Spirit

We believe that there is little we can accomplish on our own without faith as a guiding principle. Each persons faith journey is often tested by life circumstances or choices that take us away from living God’s plan for our lives.  Don’t let shame or your past stand in the way of experiencing Gods grace and healing in your life.  True transformation can only come through the presence and influence of God’s divine power. Through His love, we are able to experience everlasting hope, peace, goodness, and joy.  
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Your Faith Walk

When it comes to a faith journey, each person is at a different point. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re consistently engaged in your spiritual life, we have resources to help you continue advancing toward your goal. For your Spiritual Life Coach needs, we have partnered with Purposeful Living, Inc to walk with you on your faith journey.

What is Spiritual Life Coaching?

True transformation starts from the inside out. Meeting consistently with a spiritual life coach inspires understanding of your greater purpose in life. Different from mental health counseling, spiritual life coaching helps you connect with your rooted beliefs and faith in a higher being. This connection of body, mind, and spirit will move you towards a life of wholeness.

FIT Spirit

Inside each one of us is a larger void and longing that we attempt to satisfy with worldly pleasures and fulfillments, but simply cannot. FIT focuses on connecting participants to their one, true source of hope that can fill this void. The integration of faith in one’s healing journey points FIT clients towards, divine understanding, wisdom, and their relationship to their faith. Growing deeper in your understanding of why loving yourself and others is fundamental to your overall well-being. Through spiritual life coaching, FIT clients will learn practical ways to make faith the steady, guiding principle that runs central in their life.

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Without financial backing from people who share our vision to see women embark on their healing journey, FIT could not continue impacting many of the women in our program's lives. Want to be part of something that is life-changing for a broken woman in our community? Commit to monthly donations, donate one time, or choose to support a woman through her entire FIT journey. LEARN MORE

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