Our First Path Finder

Our First Path Finder

Posted on June 02, 2017
Where do you go for hope when there is none?
What do you do when you feel empty in body, mind, and spirit?

These are questions I didn't even know I had until I started on my FIT journey. I thought it was just about losing weight.

Seriously? Another weight loss journey at this point in my life?

I've struggled with my weight for the majority of my life. Fad diets, pills, starvation and an eating disorder; always meant losing weight, but gaining the weight back, plus more. Shame, guilt, embarrassment led me to hate the scale and the mirror; but, most of all myself. After some difficult life transitions, I became aware that I had become complacent about my appearance and my weight. After all, I was middle age and the majority of America is obese, I rationalized. I learned how to dress for "comfort", basically because nothing that I owned fit any longer. I joked about my favorite two food groups; sugar and carbohydrates. Unfortunately, that was the truth. After having some health issues, I had some lab work done and my doctor told me that I was severely malnourished, pre-diabetic and anemic.

It was though a women's Bible study that I made some startling self-discoveries. As the facilitator spoke about being addicted to sugar, I silently related. As she spoke about not having any self-control to stop eating, even when she became physically ill, I understood. Realizing that my health had declined due to my weight and my complacency about my relationship with food, I realized that I was in the danger zone. I was no longer trying to loose 10 pounds to fit into an outfit for a special event, I needed help. I silently prayed and asked God to help me.

Through mutual friends, I met Mary Beth and Jacquie. They suggested that this time I take a radically different approach to losing weight and getting stronger physically and emotionally. They suggested that I use my faith and ask Jesus to help me to make a transformation. Honestly, that concept had never occurred to me. They offered to walk beside me on a journey of getting fit through making some lifestyle changes, educating myself about eating healthy food and to start working out to strengthen my body. I realized that these women were the answer to my prayer. They offered to support and encourage me, there was no shame, no blame and they shared their own personal struggles. With them, we developed a plan of action and I knew that they were going to hold me accountable.

In my weakness, I asked God for His strength. I made a commitment to myself to give up added sugars. I was physically sick for three weeks and became aware how addicted I had become. I started moving, walking and going to the gym for short workouts. Spending time with Mary Beth and Jacquie, they provided me support, yet held me accountability. Through meeting together, studying the Bible, speaking honestly, laughing and crying together, I started on my FIT program .

FIT is not a quick fix, it requires commitment, hard work and discipline. As you read the scriptures, pray and trust others, start working out and getting honest with yourself; some internal changes take place. Breaking old habits, becoming mindful about what you eat, letting down your guard down to your support partners, building trust and starting to hope again. I didn't tell any of my friends or family about FIT for months after I started, just in case I failed.

Several months into FIT, I have started to see changes on the scale. But, what is more important is that I have a much closer relationship with my Heavenly Father than ever before. I feel more alive and hopeful than I have in many years. I am not ready to give up because I realize that I am worth fighting for. I'm still learning about nutrition and how exercise all works together. No longer do I live to eat. This is a lifestyle that will carry me throughout my life. Others have started to notice that something has changed about me, yes, that gives me an opportunity to share my FIT journey of Hope and Strength.